To many people, a car is more than a car. It is more than just a vehicle that gets you from point A to point B. However, there are many people who believe just that. That it is just a thing to get you from one point to the next. I can see it both ways. There are times when the only thing I want is to have a car that starts, runs, and gets me there. Oh, and having heat or air conditioning is a bonus. But, often a car or vehicle I drive is much more to me. It is a machine that allows me to feel good; feel free. I love to drive, and this article is my argument for why we love our cars.

You could write, and people have written, books devoted to just this subject. I cannot cover every nuance in this article, but I will cover what I consider to be the major points.


There are few other machines, or devices, in this world that can offer the sense of freedom that a car can. Perhaps a boat, Jet Ski, or snowmobile, but those are usually toys and not available to everyone. When it comes to a viable, daily tool that can also give you the feeling of freedom, the car is it. Being able to get in your car and go anywhere you please at any time is a great luxury and a great joy. Freedom is what all people crave. Cars can fill most, if not all of that need quite well. A car and a full tank of gas equal freedom.


Many people a car that makes them feel powerful. It is the great equalizer on the road. People who would are shy and meek become assertive, sometimes even bossy, when behind the wheel.  I have seen people who would never confront another person, flip people off, cut in front of others, and yell obscenities.  While this is not a good thing, of course, it does happen. These people are given a feeling of power that only comes from driving a two-ton machine can give.


While it is not always good to get your idea of self-worth based on what machine you operate, a car can make you feel pretty darn good about yourself. Having people wave or smile or shout positive things because they like your car is a tremendously positive feeling. The driver often transfers that feeling to themselves.  I have had this happen to me when I drove a 1931 Model A Ford.  Suddenly all the other drivers were smiling. Kids were pointing and waving and saying how “cool” the car was. I felt great, even though it was the car they loved. The next day I drove my truck down the same street and, you guessed it, no one cared. No one smiled, no one paid any attention. It’s amazing what a car can do.


Finally, I truly believe cars can make you feel loved and make you love them. By caring for a car, your emotions become linked to the car, and you feel a certain connection. You know that car is there for you, ready to take you where you need to go. Yes, sometimes you have fights when the car doesn’t start, but that’s okay. That’s all part of the relationship.


We love cars because they offer a feeling of freedom, power, self-esteem, and love that few other objects can match. Even if they truly only get us from point A to point B.





Written by Gary Pradel