What to Get Your Favorite Car Lover this Holiday Season


Car lovers, enthusiasts, aficionados, or obsessives — whatever you want to call them — are a special breed. Devoted to that two-ton hunk of metal in their garage, the car lover has been known to spend hours washing, waxing, or working on their beloved automobile(s). When they are not with their cars, they are likely thinking about them. Here’s how to make them happy this holiday season.


Get them something to help keep everything clean and pretty


No car lover wants a dirty car, and this holiday season, you can give your loved one the gift of a clean car. One option is to buy them a year’s supply of full-service car wash gift certificates. Another is to create a car wash gift bucket (complete with sponges, soap, wheel cleaner, towels, and wax). A better idea, however, is to treat them to a great handheld cordless vacuum cleaner — something any car enthusiast needs.


Get them something to help them tinker away


If your loved one not only loves their car but also working on their car, you’ll need to grab them something to make it easier for their mechanical tendencies. One such option is a quality diagnostic scanner/tuner so they can check their car’s vitals. If they don’t already have a good floor jack, that’s another solid option. If you want to think outside the box, consider giving them the gift of a clean garage workspace. You can organize their tools and clean out the garage. Go ahead and move out anything that takes up too much space or won’t be missed regularly. You can even rent them a short-term offsite storage unit to help tuck away items taking up valuable garage space. Right now, you can rent a 5×5 unit in Dallas for as low as $11, so this can be a reasonably-priced project.


Get them something to make the drive more enjoyable


There’s a good chance your car lover spends a fair amount of time driving, so why not get them something to make the ride more enjoyable? A set of new car speakers can do just that. With speakers ranging in price, these are sure to be an affordable option. Not to mention, having installation doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either. For example, Best Buy only charges $64.99 for standard speaker installation.


Other great options for those who enjoy being on the road: leather driving gloves, driving shoes, or a great pair of sunglasses.


Get them something to make them safer


Practical and thoughtful are the qualities of a good gift, and something both car- and safety-related fits the bill. You could consider buying them a good emergency road kit (or make your own), tire chains (for the winter), or even new tires (if you want to spend a little more). Two cheaper gifts that are sure to improve their car safety include a new cell phone mount (for hands-free, less distracted driving) and an escape tool (in case they need to crack a window and get out fast).


Get them something goofy and fun


Not every holiday gift has to be practical, and there are plenty of silly but fun car-related gifts. Ideas range from crazy hood ornaments and mirror dice to cufflinks that look like speedometers to video games for racing enthusiasts (some even work in virtual reality now!). The fun gift is usually a good bet for a car lover because they often have all the practical stuff they need.
There you have it. Now it’s time for you to kick the tires. Get the show on the road. Put the pedal to the metal. Get out there and get the perfect gift for the car-obsessed friend or family member in your life.



Written by Keith Jacobs

Photo on Unsplash

Written by Zack Pradel