The Start Of The 1JZ – 1993 Toyota Chaser Review

The word “over” is usually not a good adjective. Overcooked, overpriced, or over done are not good phrases. But when it comes to the 1JZ, it is. The 1jz is over built, to the car enthusiasts advantage.


The 1993 Toyota Chaser has a 2.5L inline six cylinder engine that has been twin turbo charged, which is paired to a 5 speed manual transmission. The engine is a 1jz, which has become a legendary engine along with its successor the 2jz. The JZ engines are over built from the factory, which means owners can go wild with modifications and not worry about it blowing up. It’s like a bathtub that has a weight capacity of 2,000 pounds. 99% of people will never reach that capacity, but there will always be one dude who wants to wash his smart car in the tub, and he can do so. That’s what the 1jz allows. Most people will never hit the ceiling of power on the 1jz, but for that one person that wants bigger turbos, injectors, and advance the timing, they can with little worry.


The interior is nice, but nothing crazy. It has some Japanese domestic quirks, such as the air purifier in the rear. To the left of the steering wheel there is a switch panel labeled “AIRPURI”. On that panel you can adjust how quickly the purifier works, as well as turning it off. That is a neat feature. Other cool features are traction control and power folding mirrors, both pretty advanced for 1993. The back seats were comfortable, but the Nissan Cedric still holds the title for the best rear seats in any car I’ve reviewed.


The 1993 Toyota Chaser is an awesome enthusiast car. The engine and drivetrain are supurb, the car is comfortable and quirky, and I’m really glad I was able to drive one. In this instance you could say I was head over heels.




Written by Zack Pradel