The Nissan Kicks Is Designed For High Schoolers

It’s rare that I drive a car that is designed for one single task and nothing else. Cars are supposed to be ready for anything and able to conquer different types of weather, terrain, and scenarios. That is not the case for the Nissan Kicks. It is created for one thing and one thing only.


The 2019 Nissan Kicks has a 1.6L inline four-cylinder engine and a CVT. The engine is meh, and so is the CVT. The CVT isn’t my first desired transmission, but it’s here and there’s nothing I can do about it. The interior is pretty bare, but that’s to be expected of a car with this low of a price tag. Okay, let’s talk about what this car is built for.


The 2019 Nissan kicks was designed to take four juniors in high school from the football game on Friday night to the local Mcdonalds for some post-game snacks. That is it. Here are my reasons for saying that:


The first reason: It’s cheap. The Kicks starts just below $19,000 US dollars which is rare this day in age. Inflation has killed the cheap car, but the Kicks remains at a reasonable price. This makes it perfect for parents that want to get their new driver in the family, a new car. Personally, my child is getting a 1999 Honda Accord EX for their first car, pre-loaded with a dented side door and a power steering belt that screams; but that’s just me. If you want your kids to have a warranty, modern safety equipment, and something new: Buy them a Kicks


The second reason: fuel economy. The 1.6L sips on gas, so if your kid has to fill they tank they can, or if the parents want to pay for their child, they won’t have to cancel next year’s trip to the Wisconsin Dells.


The third reason: the infotainment system. The Kicks comes with quite the sound system. It is an upgraded option, but Apple Carplay is available for a reasonable cost. This will let the driver and their passengers easily enjoy their music at any volume.


The fourth reason: Safety. The Kicks comes standard with blind spot monitoring, emergency auto braking, and lane departure warning. This is a huge draw for parents, since safe driving is the last item on any high schooler’s list of driving essentials.


The final reason: the name. Kicks is clearly aimed at the youth. No one over the age of twenty-five has ever said the word kicks, and it’s obvious who Nissan wanted to buy their car. Along those lines, the paint colors can get pretty wild, with an optional orange roof being offered directly from Nissan.



Here is why the kicks can’t do anything else. It’s only sold in front wheel drive so any off-roading, snow driving, or spirited driving is pretty much out of the picture. The car isn’t luxurious enough for adults to want for themselves, especially with a name like Kicks. Lastly, you can’t take the Kicks seriously. It’s weird. It’s funny. It’s like a Kia soul: A fine automobile, but I don’t want to be seen getting out of one. So that is why the Kicks is the perfect car for a parent to buy their child who just got their license.




Watch my video review:

Written by Zack Pradel