The New Stand-Out SUV – 2019 Honda CRV Review

The Honda CRV has never really been a stand-out vehicle, no matter how much Honda has tried to trick you into believing so.  The CRV has been an amazing vehicle for soccer players and soccer moms alike, until now.


The 2019 Honda CRV has a 1.5L turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine and a CVT. The smaller displacement turbo motor is supposed to offer better mpg while cruising, and better passing power when you need it on the highway. I like the engine. It’s a fun knowing your CRV has a little turbo helping out under the hood. As for the CVT, no one has perfected it yet. That being said, Honda’s attempt at normalizing the CVT isn’t a total failure, but it would be hard for me to file it as a “win”.


The interior is where the CRV really shines. The trim level I drove was a high trim level, which should be noted before I praise it. That being said, Honda has seriously stepped up their game when it comes to interior design. Wood trim covered a good portion of the dash and doors, heated leather seats are offered, and over all everything seemed to fit well together. I’m really happy to see the push for higher quality interiors that we have seen from Honda and Mazda over the last couple of years.


All together the CRV really stood out to me this year. I had always viewed the CRV as a run-of-the-mill alternative to the Honda Civic, but this car has shown me that the CRV can be so much more. If you’re looking for a small SUV, you might want to look at one of the originals: The Honda CRV.


Watch my video review:


Written by Zack Pradel