The New Chevy Blazer is Great, It Just Needs A New Name

It’s hard bringing a beloved name back into the news. Ghostbusters came back, Pepsi crystal came back, and now the Chevy Blazer is back. But like the names stated before it, here is why Chevy should have left the blazer name alone.


The 2019 Chevy Blazer has a 3.6L v6 and an 8 speed automatic transmission. I was genuinely surprised and happy with the blazer’s performance when conducting my launch test. The 3.6L from Chevy is another cookie cutter engine, used in everything from the Camaro to the traverse. If it has a v6 from Chevy, it’s probably a 3.6L. The transmission is smooth, and shifted when it seemed appropriate. This particular Blazer was of the front-wheel-drive flavor, but all-wheel-drive is offered.


The interior was rather comfortable in the Blazer. The RS trim added red stitching that flowed through the cabin to reinforce the idea of speed and adrenaline. While it might not work on my teenage-boy psyche, it certainly ties the interior together quite nicely. Keep in mind the Blazer I drove was orange, so the red stitching was sort of relatable, but it might not work as well with blue or white.


The reason I mentioned the misuse of the Blazer name at the top of the article is because I really believe it is the major downfall of the new SUV. No, the 2019 Blazer isn’t perfect, but the name isn’t doing Chevy any favors. The new Blazer doesn’t carry on the legacy of the blazers in the past. The New Blazer doesn’t have killer off-road capabilities. The new Blazer isn’t rugged. The new Blazer doesn’t come in manual. Spiritually, the new Blazer is not a blazer at all. They should have named it something new rather than try to sell cars based off a nostalgia that can no longer be upheld. The Blazer is a good SUV, it just needs a more suitable name.


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Written by Zack Pradel