The NB Miata Is Just As Good As The Rest

The Mazda Miata is one of my favorite cars of all time. They’re cheap, handle great, and are really fun to drive. So you can imagine my excitement when I was given the opportunity to review a second generation Miata, the last generation I had yet to review.

The second generation Miata, known as the NB, comes with a 1.8L inline four cylinder engine and a 5 speed manual transmission. While the 1.8L was an option for the second half of the first generation, it comes in all NBs. The engine puts out about 135hp which is enough to push the little car around wherever you need to go. The transmission feels great, it has tons of feedback and clicks perfectly into place every time, even when the car I drove had 170,000 miles on it.


The interior was bland, but it’s what you expect in a Miata. The NB came with two airbags, which can’t be said about most of the first generation (NA) Miatas. The driver also gets a light above their head, as opposed to the glove box light being the only one in the NA. The seats were functional and comfortable, but the interior as a whole is lacking in space. Crazy to think a tiny car feels tiny.

Miatas are a ton of fun to drive at a reasonable price. If you want to get into cars, driving, or working on cars, a Miata is a pretty safe bet. Now that I have driven every generation of Miata, I can honestly say that no matter the year, Miatas are great cars that set the tone for all other roadsters.


Written by Zack Pradel