The Mitsubishi Evolution Didn’t Feel Special

The Mitsubishi Evolution is the end goal for every Mitsubishi Lancer owner. The Evo is top dog, the quickest most high tech variant of the Lancer, and arguably Mitsubishi’s baby. Back in the day the Evo rivaled STIs, Corvettes, and even Lamborghini’s on the track. So how does the final generation of the Evo fair? Pretty dang well.

The 2014 Evo I drove had a 2.0L turbo charged inline four cylinder engine that sends the power to all four wheels through a five speed manual transmission. You may be surprised to hear that the engine is smaller than most economy cars of the same era, but you forget that when you step behind the wheel. With the aid of a turbo, and seemingly heaven sent magic, the Evo packs a serious punch. That being said, it’s disappointing that the Evo only got a 5 speed transmission as opposed to a 6 speed. For a top-of-the-line car, I wish the trans was a little nicer.


The interior of the Evo was adequate, but again it felt like any other Lancer. Besides the Recaro seats, very little sets you apart from the economy-ridden lancer. To drill this point into the ground, there are even dead switch panels down by the shifter: something only seen when your car isn’t outfitted with all of the options. I don’t mind under-spec’d cars, but the Evo is the top of the line so there shouldn’t be dead switches.

Although this review might have seemed particularly harsh on the Evo, don’t let it fool you. I loved the Evo. It’s a very well performing car that is a blast to drive and is a solid contender in any automotive challenge. I just wish the car felt more special. A red Evo x logo on the gauges would have been a nice touch.

Written by Zack Pradel