The GMC Sierra is The Best of Both Worlds

Normally the middle ground isn’t somewhere you want to be. The middle ground is normally something I dread: you never get remembered when you’re in the middle ground. However, for once, the middle ground is the best option.


The 2018 GMC Sierra has a 5.3L v8 and a 8 speed automatic transmission. The v8 has been around since the early 2000’s. It has plenty of research behind it, and parts are cheap enough to keep the truck moving for decades to come. The 8 speed however is fairly new in comparison to the engine. It’s a smooth transmission that doesn’t make a sound while shifting. Lastly, of course, the truck is four wheel drive.



Now the interior is where the middle ground comes in. GMC is positioned between Chevy and Cadillac when it comes to vehicles built by GM. Nicer than a Chevy but not quite as nice as a Cadillac. This is apparent in the interior. The gauges are very plain and uneventful, like a Chevy. The seats are heated and cooled which is common in most Cadillacs. What this ends up meaning is the Sierra has the backbone of the working class Silverado: a tried and true truck, while having the features of a Cadillac: modern luxury.


Would I buy a GMC Sierra? Yes, if I had the means. The Silverado is a great truck, and the Sierra is just a nicer version. If you’re scraping to get by, get a Silverado. If you can make the payments on a Sierra like it’s nothing, go that route.


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Written by Zack Pradel