The 2019 Toyota Camry is A Room Temperature Glass of Water

The Toyota Camry has been an absolute beast in terms of sales over the last two decades. Does that change here in 2019? No.


The 2019 Toyota Camry has a 2.5L inline 4-cylinder engine and an 8 speed automatic transmission. The 2.5 is the smaller engine offered in the Camry, with a larger 3.5L V6 being offered in higher trim levels. The 4-cylinder engine is fine, it works, and gets good gas mileage. The 8 speed automatic sings the same tune: It works well with no razzle-dazzle.


The interior is fine as well, offering a familiar level of quality that is to be expected with current Toyota products. The only things that really stuck out to me was the automatic popping trunk lid and the sunroof.


As you just saw, my initial review was 125 words. That’s all you really need to describe the Toyota Camry, or really any Toyota Camry at all. The Camry has been the top selling car in America for two decades. You know why? The Camry is a safe bet. There is no risk in buying a Camry. If you buy one, you are going to be happy with the quality, fuel economy, and reliability. Will you fall in love? Will your life be changed by the fact that you now own a Toyota Camry? No. Your life will go on, nearly un-altered. The Toyota Camry is a room temperature glass of water. No one gets excited over it, but it fills a need that everyone has. But that is why it sells. People need reliable transportation, so why take a gamble on anything besides the car that has been the front-runner year after year after year. If you want a reliable, no frills mode of personal transportation: buy a Camry. But you already knew that.


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Written by Zack Pradel