The 2019 Tacoma is One of The Best Trucks This Year

Mini trucks are a somewhat past fad at this point. Trucks are not only getting physically larger, but their towing capacity and fuel economy numbers keep growing as well. So where does the Tacoma fall in this number-booming rat race? Right near the top.


The 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport has a 3.5L v6 and a 6 speed automatic transmission. The V6 isn’t anything new for Toyota. Throw a stone at a Toyota dealer, and you’ll hit a car that has the 3.5L or is offered with on. But please don’t throw stones at car dealers. The V6 is a solid engine, but in the same way I re-watch shows so I don’t have to learn new character names. The six speed is also old hat at this point, but again it’s not a bad thing. This particular Tacoma is four wheel drive, but if you’re “ballin’ on a budget” the lower trims are available with good ‘ol fashion two-wheel-drive.


The interior has no astonishing features. This is where the Tacoma feels the most like a classic pickup. The seats worked, the infotainment system worked, and the back seats exist, but wouldn’t be praised by anyone over six feet tall. One thing that really did catch my eye was the 400-watt outlet found in the bed of the truck. The Tacoma isn’t the only truck to offer a run-of-the-mill house outlet in the bed, but the fact that it does raises the Tacoma a couple of pegs. Best of all, the outlet can be toggled on and off to prevent teenagers from charging their phones and Juuls in the bed of your truck while you’re away from it.


The Tacoma feels like older pickup trucks. It’s reliable, responsibly sized, and basic enough for the average man or woman. Size wise, the Tacoma is the size of the full-size pickups of the 1990s, the trucks I grew up on, so I was very comfortable. If you’re looking into a good entry-level pickup truck: Give the Tacoma a look. It’s the throwback-Thursday I’d like to see on my feed.



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Written by Zack Pradel