The 2019 Honda Accord Is Another Home Run For Honda

Honda has been a staple of reliability and economy for the last two decades at least, probably longer depending on who you ask. That idea carries forward with the 2019 Honda Accord, even though the engine has shrunk significantly.


The 2019 Honda Accord has a 1.5L turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine and a CVT. The engine is also found in the new CRV and Civic, so the research has been done. It makes a decent amount of power, but nothing to brag about. It’s a low-displacement-turbo motor, giving the drivers the best of both worlds. At the low end of the RPM range, the turbo doesn’t spool up, so you get the great gas mileage commonly found in small engines. The second benefit is when you do need more power, the turbo is there to help out for passing or highway on ramps. The Accord’s 1.5L is a part of the “Earth Dreams” engine family, which is more bark than bite. Honda has been pushing for greener vehicles, and naming their engines “Earth Dreams” I guess is a marketing ploy to do so.


The transmission is a CVT, which I’m not the biggest fan of. A CVT is a continuously variable transmission. Basically, instead of set gears in the transmission, there is a belt that can stretch and shrink to mimic any kind of gear ratio you want. It’s a great piece of technology, but it feels abnormal in the real world. There are no shift points so instead of pausing to shift the car just gets to a certain RPM and sits there. It is efficient, but odd. It feels like an electric car.


The interior is actually pretty nice. I say “actually” because Honda usually isn’t praised for their luxurious interiors. Honda usually saves that for their Acura branded vehicles. However, I have to say I was impressed with the quality of the car. I didn’t feel like I was in a rental car, or that I was in a cheap econobox. Now, I’m not saying it felt like a Cadillac or a Rolls Royce, but the interior quality was far from the bottom.


The 2019 Honda Accord is a great sedan for the average car buyer. It’s a well built, reliable vehicle to get you from point A to point B. The engine is a great move forward in small-displacement-turbo engines, and I think the “Earth Dreams” line has real promise. Honda knocked it out of the park yet again with the 2019 Accord.



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Written by Zack Pradel