The 2018 Prius is Normal – And I Love it

I finally filmed one. The Car reviewer’s kryptonite: The Toyota Prius. Here we go.



The 2018 Toyota Prius Hybrid has a 1.8L gas engine, electric motors, and a CVT. The drive system is honestly a great system. Under 20mph, the Prius can drive in just electric mode which I love. It seamlessly can switch from electric drive to the combustion engine which really makes or breaks a hybrid. I would love to own a hybrid, just not something that feels like a hybrid. The Prius does not feel like a hybrid. That feeling continues on to the interior.


The interior is average by modern standards, but that’s important. I hate hybrid and electric cars that make it overly ovbious that they are “green” or “forward”. I won’t name names, but some cars shove their ideas in your face. The new Prius doesn’t do that. It just feels like a normal car.


That’s my overall point about the 2018 Prius Hybrid. It’s a nice car you can live, commute in, go on dates in, and run errands in. It feels like a wholesome, full car. The Prius is not my style, but if I needed a good daily driver to commute long distances, the Prius would be high on my list.


Watch my video review:


Written by Zack Pradel