The 2013 Honda Civic SI – An Amazing Daily Driver

I have to be honest as a journalist. Honesty is the most important part of journalism. So I must confess that I love Mazda. They are my favorite brand, and the only reason why I wouldn’t buy a Honda Civic SI. I recognize this is illogical.


The 2013 Honda Civic SI has a 2.4L inline 4 cylinder and a six speed manual transmission. The 2.4L, also known as the K24, has Vtec which adds power at the top of the RPM range. The car felt alive and powerful. The 2.4L is larger than the engines that came in civics of the past, mostly featuring 1.6L or 1.8L engines. That means the SI has more torque than previous generations, which makes the car feel faster. Of course I have to mention the transmission, since the shifter feels like a Honda shifter, and that is high praise for shifters. They click into gear in one of the most satisfying ways that few manufactures can replicate.


The interior isn’t groundbreaking, but it suits the SI well. Everything was where it should be, while still feeling modern 5 years later. The gauge cluster has a built in shift light that will flash when it’s time for you to shift to the next gear. That is seriously cool. The back seats are comfortable as well, which is a huge advantage over the 2 door. I see no reason why you would buy a 2 door civic SI unless you plan on driving alone for the duration of your ownership of the SI.


I really did fall in love with the Civic SI. It is by far the most perfect affordable daily driver I have driven recently. If it had a Mazda badge on it, I would already own it. But because I am a Mazda fan and have been brought up resenting anything with an H on it, I will miss out on one of the best cars I drove in 2018.



Written by Zack Pradel