The 1996 Buick Roadmaster Flew Too Close To The Sun

The idea of the great American road trip is something every kid in the US dreams about. The long, open road in a square body station wagon sounded cooler than anything else. But what happens when that dream passes its peak? Well the 1996 Buick Roadmaster is just that.


The 1996 Buick Roadmaster has a 5.7L V8 and a 4 speed automatic transmission. The V8 is the lumpy-bumpy kind that punishes you for revving it. It maxes itself out well before you’re ready to, but that’s the charm. That’s how old V8s are. They’re slow but at least they have character. The 4 speed automatic shifts about a week after it should, and it is rear wheel drive so it’ll do burnouts and donuts.


The interior is red. Well I think it was, by now it’s a deep maroon. Calling it comfortable is an understatement. The seats feel like a lazy boy recliner that have been bolted to the chassis. GM of the 1990’s was really good at building comfy cars and this is no exception. The speakers are GM’s “Concert Sound II” system, which means they went through the effort to name some very average speakers. The real crown jewel is the rear facing seats in the form of a third row. Unfortunately, I was born well after the era of the rear-facing third row, so this was a new treat for me. Just please don’t sit back there if you get car sick easily.


So why do I say this car came after the peak? Well the exterior really. The Roadmaster Is big like the old cars, but it’s bubbly. It is round, fat, and bloated. The wood paneling down the side is fake, it’s a sticker. The 1996 Roadmaster is a great car, but it doesn’t hold a light to the original land yachts of the 1970s. If you see one pop up in your local classifieds, you might want to take a look at the lumpy tumpy V8 wagon of the 90s!


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Written by Zack Pradel