Stealth Wealth – The Jaguar XJ8

Stealth luxury can sometimes be my favorite way of going about a luxury vehicle. The owner experiences complete comfort while onlookers see nothing more than an average car. That’s why the XJ8 is such a nice car.


The 2004 Jaguar XJ8 has a 4.2L v8 and a 6 speed automatic transmission. The V8 comes from a family of Ford engines that are popular in Ford’s early 2000’s thunderbird. Essentially, it’s a bored out 3.9L v8. That being said, the engine isn’t that sporty. It can help the XJ8 accelerate quickly, but there’s no getting around the weight of the car. The transmission is solid, and I didn’t feel anything odd or strange while driving. The XJ8 is rear wheel drive as well, which I prefer for luxury cars.


The interior is very comfortable. Heated seats, plush leather, and wood accents really make the interior feel like something way more modern than it is. Unfortunately, the coolest features were not on this specific XJ8. There are two main features the XJ8 was offered with in 2004: Radar cruise control and rear cooled seats. Radar cruise control is a game changer, even here in 2020. Jaguar had it sixteen years ago. The back seats were also heated and cooled at the higher trim levels, which again is absent from most cars even now.


The XJ8 is a luxurious gem from the early 2000’s. I had no idea how good the XJ8 really was. It holds a light to even the most modern luxury cars. If you find an XJ8 in good condition, it might be worth it to pick up!


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Written by Zack Pradel