I love 80s Cars and I Don’t Know Why

Since I could remember, I’ve always loved the 1980s. Being born in the 90’s makes my previous statement seem odd, as I never actually existed in that time period. I would say I “was born in the wrong era” but the internet is more useful than synth beats and big hairdos. What especially I love about the 80s, is the cars. While I own a car from 1985 myself, even the most average cars from that decade are appealing to me. I think there are a couple different reasons


Photo from DannyBusYet

Modern yet not

Cars these days are too complicated in my opinion. It’s hard to fix something without a laptop and thousands of dollars software. That’s the first reason I like 80’s cars, is their ability to be fixed with the tools your dad handed down to you when he upgraded to a Matco set. Modern technology has taken away the idea of a weekend mechanic, you know someone that can just “tinker” with a car three weekends a month. I’m curious to see what generation Z decides to wrench on a few decades down the road, if wrenching is still a thing.


Box Cars


80s cars are remembered as being boxy, and for good reason: they are. Aerodynamics were low on the priority list back in the day, and it shows. But with the boxyness comes some kind of charm I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s as if every car manufactured from 1980 to 1989 is a cartoon character all it’s own.




It’s rare that I come across dashboards that I love, but the 80d did the dashboards the best. The 80s saw the rise of arcade games, as well as computers could be found in a couple houses a neighborhood. This was reflected in the automotive world by the dashboards put in cars. Digital dashes began popping up in a couple different models from a couple different manufactures, and I have to say they’re my favorite things ever. Here’s a video of the dash of a Nissan 300zx, and if you don’t fall in love then there’s something wrong with you. (Not my video)

Do you love 80s cars? If not, what’s your favorite decade of cars?

Written by Zack Pradel