I Drove A B18 Swapped Honda Civic

This review is not a buyer’s guide, but more of a “what it’s like” or “Should I do it” piece. If you’re a fan of Honda, this will all make sense. If you are unfamiliar with Honda, get ready for a bunch of random letters and numbers.


The car I drove is a 2000 EK Honda Civic with a B18c engine out of an Integra GSR. The B stands for what series of motor it is, and the 18 stands for the fact that it is a 1.8L engine. So the car I drove has a 1.8L inline four-cylinder engine and 5 speed manual transmission. This is a very common swap that civic owners do when they want more power. The B18 offers more aftermarket options as well as a hefty power gain over the stock D series that comes standard in this generation Civic. It also bolts right is as if it were meant to come that way from the factory. Other benefits include a lot higher redline over the D series, and a dual cam setup as opposed to a single cam.


This “modification” opens up the car, and makes it perform as you think a performance Honda should. When you think of performance Hondas you think of high redlines, and high liter-to-horsepower ratios. That is not the case with a stock D-series, but it is with the B18. The B18 should have come in all Hondas from this era from the factory.




Written by Zack Pradel