The Ford Fiesta SFE is One Of The Cheapest Cars You Can Buy

It’s a good practice to keep everything in perspective. That’s why I love reviewing cars that are entry level, also known as cheap economy cars. Cars that are meant to be cheap to purchase, easy to use, and offer a form of transportation for someone who wants a car. That’s what the Ford Fiesta offers, and entry level car for a low price that has a warranty. So what is one of the cheapest cars in America like? Not bad.

The 2016 Fiesta SFE I reviewed

The Fiesta SFE had a 1.0L inline 3 cylinder under the hood, paired to a 5 speed manual transmission. The engine is turbocharged, pushing the power out at a little over 140 horsepower, which is a sucker punch compared to the other three cylinder I reviewed in the Honda beat, making just above 60hp. The 5 speed was nothing to brag about, but also not horrible. The throw is long, and the last two gears are overdrive for the highway, so you don’t make much power after 3rd gear.


The interior is bleak, being outfitted with the bare minimum options that Ford offers. That being said, it has everything you’d really need in 2018. It has an aux input, Bluetooth, Ac, and cruise control. There is a sunroof, but the shade might as well be a piece of cardboard that has been rudely cut to size. As you can see in the video, it flops around like a kick ball in a bouncy house. A corner was obviously cut there. The headroom is fine upfront, but is troublesome in the back. I’m 5’11” and I struggled to sit comfortably without slouching. This is where the hatchback comes in handy, having a flat roof line that carries over the heads of the rear passengers.

Overall, I was impressed by the SFE. Being that it’s one of the cheapest cars you can buy new, its not that bad of a vehicle. Especially compared to the cheap cars of the 2000s, where roll up windows still existed and Ac was still an option.


Written by Zack Pradel