Everyone Should Convert A Bus Into A RV

A lot of people dream of the great American road trip. Some people picture themselves in a large station wagon similar to the one found in National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation. Other people picture themselves in expensive sports cars, flying through the Nevada desert. This wasn’t the case for Caleb. Caleb wanted to do it in a bus. A short bus at that.


Caleb’s bus is a 2006 Ford E-350 chassis, with a short bus body bolted to the back. The bus has a 6.0L diesel turbo V8 and a 3 speed automatic transmission. The bus is by no means fast, quick, or even spry. What it does have is torque, and lots of it. The diesel 6.0 lives in the shadow of Ford’s 7.3L engine, but that’s not to say that the 6.0 is worthless. Paired to the engine is that 3 speed automatic. It has really tall gears which is good, but the bus will still sing when left on the highway at modern speed limits.


The interior is what makes this bus so special. A bed bunk bed setup and kitchen cabinets now sit where rows and rows of chairs used to be. Carpet has replaced the thick rubberized flooring. The cab is now a fully usable moving apartment. Besides running water, the E350 has everything you’d need to live on the road. Watch the video attached below for a full tour of the inside of the bus. But the best part about it all? It was done for under $10,000. That number includes the cost of purchase, registration, and materials for the bus.


All said and done, more people should do what Caleb did. It’s relatively inexpensive, creative, and useful for living the American dream.




Written by Zack Pradel