Does The 2019 Mini Cooper S Deserve The “S” Badge? – 2019 Mini Cooper S Review

Not many cars have as much national pride as the 2019 Mini Cooper S. In case you didn’t know Mini Coopers originated in Great Britain, the 2019 Mini Cooper S has Great Britain’s flag for tail lights, just to remind you.


The 2019 Mini Cooper S has a 2.0L turbocharged inline four cylinder engine and six speed automatic transmission. The two-liter turbo loves to rev up and down, as much as any other two-liter turbo. It’s not a fast car by any means, but paired with a low center of gravity and tight turning radius, the Cooper S feels quick and nimble like a mouse in a barn. The automatic transmission is not my first pick for transmissions, but it has one redeeming quality: paddle shifters. Sure, lots of cars have paddle shifters, but the S delivers a little crackle whenever you downshift the car. It’s not a snap and pop like an AMG Mercedes, but there is a little sound that accompanies each downshift. I like that a lot.


The interior is surprisingly very un-Mini in the fact that there are no real weird features in the car. The climate controls are seemingly normal, the materials are commonly found in normal cars, and the seats are comfortable. My favorite feature inside the Mini is the rear sunroof over the surprisingly useful rear seats. I would love to sit in the back on a drive through the country under a star filled sky.


The 2019 iteration of the Mini Cooper S withholds the core values of the S badge. The S is quick, nimble, and just plain fun to drive. If that sounds like something you look for in a car, give the 2019 Mini Cooper S a look.



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Written by Zack Pradel