Dodge and SRT loses their MVP

On Monday of this week, 2/5/2018 Dodge and SRT lovers across the world got news that Tim Kuniskis got a well-deserved promotion to lead Alfa Romeo and Maserati and leaving his spot as President and CEO of the Dodge brand. Many including myself see this as a sad day for the Dodge brand and puts into question the future of the Dodge brand and more specifically the SRT powered vehicles such as the Hellcat and Scat Packs.

Tim Kuniskis and his very talented team spent the better part of the early 2010’s putting together a great lineup of Dodge vehicles that transformed the brand from mundane to extraordinary. They took the truck based 2nd generation Durango and redesigned it into the class leading and award-winning Durango that we all know today. They took the Dodge Charger and Charger and built upon the success and brought it to a level not thought of before with 707HP and beyond.

Although I never met Tim Kuniskis, I feel that I have gotten to know him through his many media appearances on Jay Leno’s Garage and the many different product launches that he led since 2014 starting with the Dodge Challenger and Charger redesign. His presentation at the Charger Hellcat unveiling was amazing and that was the first time I watched him live. Tim Kuniskis was available to the Mopar community and made me feel welcome.

Tim’s promotion to the Head of Alfa Romeo and Maserati is well deserved and those brands are lucky to have him. This leaves a void at Dodge that I am not sure his successor Steve Beahm can fulfill. He was the former head of the Maserati brand in the US. Steve led the change in Maserati from a mediocre exotic car brand for the masses with the Quattroporte and Greaturismo to a brand selling even more cars that being called mediocre would be a complement. To sell these cars that are less than mediocre Maserati started offering lease deals and huge incentives which is further diluting the brand. Let’s hope that this strategy does not make it over to Dodge.

I wish Tim the best of luck in his new position and I have guarded optimism that Steve Beahm can lead and further Dodge’s mission of being the brand with the most affordable, highest performance, muscle car and SUV vehicles sold.


This article is written by Paul “Family Cruisin” host of the popular YouTube Channel FamilyCruisin.  He is a lifelong car enthusiast and has been part of the car community since the age of 2.  He currently owns a 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat and a 2014 Ford Focus ST.  He is biased and not Fair and Balanced.  All articles are his opinions and do not reflect the opinions or beliefs of his wife, kids, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, enemies or the owners of this website. 

Written by Paul