Do Not Overlook These Five Safety Equipment While Selecting Your New Car

When you decide to purchase a new car, the first and foremost thing you look at it is the interior, trunk space, legroom and other luxuries. However, one thing you always miss is the safety features. The seat belt is not the only place to look for safety.

Following is the list of different kinds of safety equipment and accessories you must have for overall safety of the vehicle, the driver as well as the passengers in the car –

1.    Air bags: All new passenger vehicles are required to have dual front airbags. Therefore, when you are purchasing a new car, always look for a vehicle that has a “Smart” airbag system, which would save you from direct injuries due to a collision or crash.

2.    Fire Extinguisher: Always keep a handy fire extinguisher affixed inside the vehicle that can be immediately used if a fire breaks out inside the cabin or under the hood.
3.    Crash Test Ratings: The government’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) have norms to put every vehicle through rigorous crash test to identify how safe is the vehicle. This IIHS test is subcategorized into three modules that are 40mph frontal offset crash, rear crash and side crash. Whereas, the NHTSA uses full frontal and side impact test and scores the vehicle according to it on a five star scale. Although this is not an equipment, but you should ask to your car dealer whether the car you are looking for is compliant with all safety norms and ratings or not.
4.    Head Rests: Whiplash is a very common injury during car crash from the rear end. To overcome the effects from this injury, head restraints play a vital role that cushions the head movement. Look for the head restraint that gets locked in a position, otherwise it could be forced down in a mishap and lose its effectiveness. Never remove them from the seats for any reason.
5.    Electronic Stability Control: This safety equipment is designed to help drivers maintain the vehicle on its intended path during sharp turns in order to prevent it from skidding. For determining the vehicle rollover resistance, the NHTSA performs a rollover test and scores the vehicle according to it. provides a proprietary online tool which allows would-be car buyers to work with auto dealers semi-anonymously. Buyers search CarMarshal for the make, model, year and location of the car they’re looking for. Just create an account and CarMarshal will email you as dealers offers appear. Whenever you are ready: Choose your deal, Print your certificate, Contact the dealer and bring your car home.

Written by Tracey Watts