5 Things You NEED To Know BEFORE You Use Turo!

I recently rented a car in Dallas Texas using the app Turo. Turo is the Air BnB of cars, allowing people to rent other people’s cars. This was a new experience for me, and I’d like to share five things I learned in my time using the app.


Age Restrictions

Turo allows people under the age of 25 to rent a car, which is younger than most other rental agencies. While this may entice younger travelers like myself, there are added fees with being under age. The added price is a daily fee, which varies car-to-car. This fee does not show up until you are in the checkout process. If you are 25 or older, you’re good to go.



Late/Early Pickup fees

I had a really late flight on my way into Dallas which meant I was picking my car up late as well. This added a “Late Pickup” fee that I was not aware of until I was already on the runway. The owner of the car parked it in the airport parking lot, so I had to pay a fee to exit. You should ask your renter what their hours of operation are, since some do not formally post it.


Another unexpected expense was the tolls. Dallas has a toll booth every 90 feet, and I had not considered this before I left on my trip. Luckily, the renter let me rack up as many tolls as I’d like and I would reimburse him after my trip. The car I rented had a transmitter for open-road-tolling, but your car might not. Handling tolls is a good thing to ask before renting a car.




You should ask about the audio and navigation options available in your rental. I rented an older car, so I had to bring my own AUX cord and adapter for my phone. I also had no way to mount my phone in the car, for when I was navigating the foreign territory. I’d recommend picking up a suction cup clip at your local corner store.




Every car has a different set number of miles allowed to be put on a car. I would highly recommend choosing a car with the most miles possible, since most cars will charge extra per mile if you go over your limit. Vacation shouldn’t be restricted, so give yourself some peace of mind and get the car with the most mileage.



I think Turo is a great app, and as a young traveler it has been a great tool. I highly recommend checking the app out, just take into account the extra costs!

Written by Zack Pradel