2019 Lexus RX 350L

The RX 350L has a 3.5L V6 engine paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission. It has a fair amount of pickup, but it can feel a little sluggish at times. This is pretty much the same engine that was put in many other Toyota and Lexus vehicles. This is nice because you know there will always be parts readily available.

Gauges and Controls

The gauges and controls are pretty much the standard ones for most modern cars. There is a pretty crowded screen wedged between the tachometer and speedometer.  This has just about all of the information you need in a pretty small space. But once you get used to it, it’s actually very handy.

The steering wheel has the typical volume and phone control buttons on the left and some navigation buttons on the right, along with lane assist and parking sensors. The steering wheel is heated, which is really nice for drivers in the Midwest and Northern states.

Automatic Brights

You can easily control the auto bright lights feature with just a push of a button. This allows you to drive with the brights on all the time. But, when the car senses lights coming from the other direction, it automatically dims the front headlights.

Of course, it also has a power liftgate in the back, which is very handy. On the door are three memory seat buttons. This means that three different drivers can set the seat position to their own liking. Then, when they drive, they only need to push one button to go back to their desired position.

The information screen in the center of the dash is really big. It’s very easy to see and read. There really isn’t a problem with glare on this screen either. Another classy little feature is an analog clock on the dashboard. This is not really necessary but lends an air of sophistication to the RX 350L.


The seats in the front are heated and cooled. There are three different levels of heating and cooling for each seat. In the same area as the seat temperature control buttons is the parking brake button and hold button.

The infotainment system has a little “joystick-like” controller that I’m not a fan of, but it does the job. It’s a little clumsy, in my opinion. But, it does sit where you rest your arm, so that is a plus.

Eco, Sport, and Normal Modes

The RX 350L also has a knob so you can easily switch between Eco, Sport, and Normal mode. The Sport mode makes the steering a bit tighter, but nothing too amazing. I think most people who drive this vehicle will use either the Normal or Eco mode. In Eco mode, the control system will run the air conditioning system as efficiently as possible. This means it will monitor and vary the amount of power it takes from the engine to run the compressor for the air conditioner.

Back Seats

The back seats have a nice amount of room. This is due, in part, because the RX 350L is actually four inches longer than the standard RX 350. The second row has roomy captain-like seats that are comfortable for full-size adults.

Final Thoughts

The RX 350L is a luxury SUV with three rows of seats and lots of comfortable options. It definitely is in the running for those who want to transport their family and friends in style.

Written by Gary Pradel