2019 Chevy Colorado Z71


The 2019 Chevy Colorado with the Z71 package is a fun truck for the money. With a 3.6 liter V6, it is pretty peppy, even without a sport mode. There is no V8 option, but there is a diesel option and an inline 4 option. The one I drove had an 8-Speed transmission, but there is a 6-speed option available. However, Chevy claims the 8-speed transmission will get better gas mileage.

Dashboard and Controls

There are lots of analog gauges with a mini control panel in the middle. The screen in the middle provides information like the speed limit for the road you’re currently driving on, current speed limit, miles until empty, music, navigation, phone, and settings.

Steering Wheel

There are the standard buttons on the steering wheel for the control center on the dashboard like Bluetooth, phone, and music. On the other side of the wheel are the usual cruise control buttons. One really nice added feature on the steering wheel is the heated steering wheel button.

On the left are controls for the lights and the knob to switch between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. You just turn the dial to go from two-wheel drive, to Auto, to four-wheel-drive high, to four-wheel drive low. To shift from four-wheel-drive low to any other mode, you do need to shift it into neutral.

Touchscreen and Sound System

The touchscreen control center in the middle of the dash is really easy to see and easy to get to. One nice thing about this screen is that during the day, there is little to no glare on the screen. Below the screen are some “old fashioned” knobs to control the screen and music. I really like them because they are very easy to see and it makes controlling your music very easy as well.

The Z71 comes with a Bose® Entertainment System. The speakers are enhanced and much nicer than those in the stock model.

Toggle Switches

There are several toggle-type switches in a row (on the right) for controlling many different features. For instance, there is one switch that tells the truck you are pulling a trailer. This helps the truck to adjust accordingly to make driving with the trailer safer.

There is a really handy bed light that illuminates the bed anytime you want with just a flip of the switch. It’s convenient to have it on this row of toggle switches and not hidden somewhere like it is on other trucks.

Another nice toggle switch looks like an SUV going down a hill. It has a little speedometer next to it. This is the control for turning on the smart downhill assist. It will slow the truck down if you’re going down a decline or hill.

Finally, there is a backup sensor toggle switch that allows you to turn off the backup sensor. That way, if your off-roading, the truck won’t think every bush or rock is a bicycle or Smart car.

Other Controls

The heated seats are nice, and there are two switches to control if you want the back of the seat to warm up or both the bottom and back of the seat to warm up.

The shifter has a good feel to it. It’s very beefy. You can control up and down shifting by using the buttons on the side of the shifter. This is mostly good for engine braking.

Another nice feature is wireless charging.  If your phone is capable of wireless charging, you can simply set your phone down, and it will start charging. I really hope more cars and trucks adopt this feature in the future.

Four Doors

This is a four-door truck, which is always handy. It would be great to pick up groceries. But the back seat is a little cramped. You CAN fit four adults in the truck, but it’s not as spacious as full-size pickups. There is a nice console with two USB chargers and a cigarette (power) outlet, which is also quite nice for the passengers.


The Z71 package is what you want if you’re going for looks. The styling is aggressive and sporty. The package includes items such as the black bowtie emblem package, body-color grille, all-weather floor liners, and 17-inch black-painted wheels.

You can also order off-road lights, bumpers, skid plates, and more. So you can really customize this truck and make it your own, right from the factory.







Written by Gary Pradel