The 2018 Ram Rebel Can Adjust It

Modern trucks aren’t the same as the trucks of yester-year. They’re bigger, more powerful, and more comfortable. But from the driver’s seat of the Rebel, I don’t care. I don’t care that trucks are twice the price they used to be (Yes, I adjusted for inflation). Because the Ram Rebel is awesome. So awesome, that we need to talk about it.

The Ram Rebel I drove had a 5.7L v8 with a 8 speed automatic transmission attached to it. The Hemi puts out around 395 horsepower, but most of those horses aren’t felt by the driver or occupants. The Rebel’s horsepower isn’t meant to throw you back in your seat, it’s meant to get you where you’re going, while pulling up to 10,000lbs. The 8 speed is smooth, which is good that Chrysler is finally with the modern times.


The coolest part of the rebel, to me, is the adjustable suspension. The Ram Rebel has 4 different suspension settings, changing a total of six inches. This not only massively changes the look of the truck, but adds to the usability of it as a well-rounded vehicle. The highest setting (Off-road) raises the ride height all the way up, giving the maximum ground clearance the Rebel can give from the factory. The next highest setting is Normal mode, which is for regular driving around town and such. The next level is for the highway, which drops the Rebel down for better aero dynamics and stability at high speeds. The last setting is the entry setting, used for parking garages. It drops the Rebel as low as it can go, leaving less than 3 inches between the tire and fender.

Things I didn’t like about the Ram Rebel were few and far between. I wasn’t a fan of the grill, but that doesn’t matter. I have no use for the Ram Boxes, but then again I don’t hunt or fish. Other than that, I liked the Rebel through and through. It’s a great truck, it’s my favorite truck, and is worthy of checking out if you’re in the market for America’s favorite kind of vehicle.


Written by Zack Pradel