2018 Mazda Cx-5 – Reviewed

Admittedly, mid-sized SUVs aren’t the most exciting vehicles for sale today. If that’s the case, then why was I excited to drive Mazda’s take on a modern midsize SUV? Well let’s dive in and I’ll tell you.


The 2018 Mazda Cx-5 has a 2.5L inline four cylinder under the hood and a 6 speed automatic transmission below. Now I was surprised to find a small, naturally aspirated, four cylinder under the hood when I first received the Cx-5. I was worried that the Cx-5 would feel like a tank and lack the power to get out of its own way. This is not the case. While the Cx-5 doesn’t have best-in-class performance, it will get up and go when you need it to. The transmission is nothing special, but does feature a sport mode. The reason I bring up sport mode after talking about the transmission because all sport mode does is hold onto gears longer as well as allowing the driver to shift on their own.


A favorable feature of the Mazda Cx-5 is it’s radar cruise control. If you notice the front of the Cx-5, you’ll notice the Mazda badge looks odd. The reason the badge looks strange is that it houses the sensors required for radar cruise control. I found this feature especially useful in construction areas on the highway. When I hit construction, the Cx-5 slowed down on it’s own, helping me navigate the orange cones. Once the construction was over, the car picked back up to regular cruising speeds. The only flaw I found was at slow speeds under 17mph (It’s lowest setting). If a car is turning in front of you under 17mph, the Cx-5 will think the car is gone and begin to speed up before the car is done completing its turn.


The interior of the Cx-5 is a lot higher quality than that of its previous generations. The leather seats are firm yet comfortable, and held me well on my long road trip. The infotainment system is the biggest fault with the Cx-5. It’s clunky and annoying to get used to, but it’s manageable. I don’t dwell too hard on this fact either, because the Cx-5 is getting Apple Car Play in the fall.


Mazda has really stepped their game up, and it shows with the new Cx-5. The quality is higher, the performance is adequate, and over all the Cx-5 is a fun car to drive and live with.

Written by Zack Pradel