2017 Chevy SS

This car is an interesting vehicle. It’s subtle and understated. With a 6.2 Liter V8 and 6-speed transmission, it is a true sleeper car. These cars were made from 2013 to 2017 and were forgotten by everyone but the true sports car fans.  This car has a lot of power, and you would never know just by looking at it.


The 6.2 Liter V8 is beefy and VERY fast. The car can rocket from a standstill in an instant. What makes this car so much fun is the fact that it is a “sleeper.” In short, a sleeper is a car that looks plain (and often boring) on the outside. But, under the hood, it’s a powerhouse that could beat most cars in a head-to-head race. So, a sleeper looks plain, but it’s really a powerhouse in disguise. The engine sounds great, thanks to the specially tuned exhaust system and 6.2 Liters of power.

This car has three modes: Sport, Tour, and Performance. There’s nothing too spectacular about these modes, but it is nice to have them as options.


The controls and dash are pretty standard for Chevy. In fact, the gear selector feels like one from a similar year Cadillac.  There is a nice and simple center display for most of the important information about the car. I like it for its clean design. Also, it has a heads-up display that shows your speed, direction, and outside temperature.

The main infotainment center is nice, but standard Chevy. There is not a lot to it, and I find myself wanting (and expecting) more. But there are also nice analog heat and cooling controls below the infotainment center. I really like analog controls for things like heating and cooling.

The seats are both heated and cooled. That is a really nice feature, but pretty standard in most cars today.

Rear Seating

One great feature of this car is the back seat. It looks and feels great.  There is a ton of legroom for even your tallest friends. So, it’s a powerful sports car with a REAL back seat. Adults can easily fit comfortably in the back, and they have plenty of room. However, one interesting note: there are no cup holders in the back. I guess that’s good as you wouldn’t want passengers spilling things on the nice seats.

The seats are leather with refined touches like red stitching. This makes the car look sporty and fun but keeps comfort at a premium. The seats are a giveaway that this car has more to offer than meets the eye.

Target Audience

The type of person who would really like this car is someone in their thirties or forties who owned a Camaro or similar car in their twenties. It has all of the fun and speed of a Camaro, but it can comfortably fit four full-sized adults for a night out on the town. So, when you’ve outgrown the Camaro, this is the car for you.

Final Thoughts

This car is an awesome, fun, exciting sleeper with lots of power and torque.  Just be careful, as it is rear-wheel drive only, so if you lose it in a sharp turn, you may be in trouble. It’s a great car for sports car enthusiasts who have outgrown their adolescent desires for flashier cars, but still want to have fun.

Written by Gary Pradel