2013 Chevy Silverado – Reviewed

Trucks have come a long way since the dawn of motor vehicles. What used to be utility-purposed machines are now comfortable daily drivers. Now normally I’m not over-the-moon with joy when reviewing mundane, average cars. But this generation Silverado might be one of the best looking trucks ever made, in my opinion. But we’ll talk about that later.


The 2013 Chevy Silverado has a 5.3L V8 and 6 speed automatic transmission. The 5.3L is a common engine used for modifying other cars. It makes plenty of power, and any junkyard will have a dozen of them sitting around. A lot of “LS Swaps” are 5.3L truck engines. That being said, in a big bodied truck, it’s no top-fuel dragster. But then again it doesn’t need to be. The Silverado was built to haul and pull cargo, which it can, all while being capable enough to be someone’s one and only vehicle. The six speed is nice since most automatic trucks of this era have less.


The interior, like every other GM, is lackluster. You get plenty of storage for when you’re on the job or otherwise. The gauge cluster will tell you everything short of the meaning of life. The backseats are actually usable even though the Silverado only has rear half-doors. Besides that, nothing really stuck out to me.


I mentioned it at the beginning, but I love the looks of this generation of Silverado. Some people may think that it’s bland, and I have to agree. But that’s the point. Trucks in 2018 have gotten into the same fighting match that cars are: The most aggressive wins. Intakes, vents, and razor sharp edges dominate automotive design. The 2013 Silverado looks good but it’s bland because that’s what a truck should be. It’s a utility vehicle meant to tow massive loads and haul thousands of pounds of cargo.



Written by Zack Pradel