2012 Volkswagen Golf R – Reviewed


The Volkswagen Golf has been around for quite some time. It helped start the hot-hatch craze in the late 1970’s and has been a cult classic ever since. But what if you took everything the original golf was, and flip it on it’s head? Well you get the 2012 Golf R.


The 2012 Golf R has a 2.0L inline four-cylinder engine that has been turbocharged, unlike the original Golf. It has a six speed manual transmission, Unlike the original Golf. It’s all wheel drive, unlike the original golf. But yet somehow, it still drives like an original Golf. It’s peppy and nimble, while feeling light on its feet. But this time around, the straights are no longer a weak point with the Golf. The 2.0L is no slug, it propels the Golf’s passengers to their destination faster than any Golf had done before.


The Golf R I drove was the four door variant, which is unusual for Golfs in general. Before driving I thought that I wouldn’t like it as much as the two door version, but after sitting in the back seat I soon realized how superior the four door actually is. Leg room actually exists in the four door where it had previously lacked in the two door variant. This made the Golf R actually usable if you want to drive more than one person around. I thought this would affect how the car would handle, but surprisingly enough I felt no difference at all. The car still felt light on it’s feet like every other Golf.


The 2012 variant of the Golf R is a great edition to the R line from Volkswagen. It’s sporty, practical, and keeps the idea of the hot hatch alive. The Golf R is everything the Golf shouldn’t be, and yet it captures the soul of the Golf nearly perfectly.

Written by Zack Pradel