2010 Chevy Tahoe

In this article, we will take a close look at the 2010 Chevy Tahoe with a 5.3L V8 and 6-speed automatic transmission. Although the engine is somewhat close to a true LS engine, it’s not quite the same. The Tahoe is a well-tested and sturdy vehicle with a reliable motor.

It is a 6-speed automatic, but this model did also come in a 4-speed. It can tow and haul and basically do it all.

Dash and Instruments

For this type of vehicle, it comes with a pretty nice set of features. The dashboard info center (below the tachometer) scrolls through a myriad of information about the status of the vehicle.  One thing that I really like is that the tire pressure sensor (TPS) system tells you the exact pressure of each tire.  That may not seem very impressive, but it is really handy when the tire sensor goes off and you want to find which tire is having an issue.

Bluetooth Connectivity

This model DOES allow you to connect your Bluetooth device, but it’s not that easy. It actually must be connected through the voice command system (activated by a button on the steering wheel) to set it up. This, to me, really seems like an afterthought.  It seems like they had this model all ready to go, and then at the last possible moment, they said, “Hey! Wait! Let’s add Bluetooth compatibility.”  But, nonetheless, you can connect to it with your Bluetooth phone or device.

Drive Settings

You can put the vehicle into “Auto” mode or “2 High” or “4 High.” However, you can’t actually put the vehicle into 4-wheel drive low. I’m really not sure why they did that. On the other hand, most people don’t use this vehicle for off-roading. It’s more of a daily driver for carrying a couple of 2X4s and a few bags of groceries. So, most people won’t miss 4 Low.

Stock Radio

The radio that comes standard in this model includes an “Aux” in to allow you to plug in your phone or other MP3 devices. There is also a USB plug in the center console for you to plug into the radio as well. The stereo is okay; nothing spectacular.

Temperature Control

The controls for the temperature settings are very simple. I actually like that. This model also features dual heat and air zones. This means the passenger can set their own temperature. This is nothing new, but it is really a nice feature for your passengers.

Pedal Adjusters

Another really nice feature is the pedal adjuster buttons. This allows you to move the gas and brake pedal forward and backward. Again, it’s not a new concept, but it does come in very handy in a vehicle of this size.

Rear Seats

The rear seats have very nice vents above them. I really like it when vehicle manufacturers remember that people do actually sit in the back seats sometimes. Also, the passengers in the back have their own mini stereo. That’s right! Passengers in the back can tune in to a different station than the front radio and plug in headphones to listen to their own tunes.

Final Thoughts

The 2010 Chevy Tahoe is a versatile, solid vehicle that gets the job done.  The ride is a little rough, but it looks great and has really fared well in the last 10 years.

Written by Gary Pradel