2008 Subaru Legacy – Reviewed

If you buy a WRX STI, you want a lot of power without all the work. They come turbocharged, manual, and all wheel drive. But what happens when you grow up, but still want the power and feel of a Subaru? You get a Legacy.


The 2008 Subaru Legacy GT has a 2.5L turbocharged flat four engine and a five speed manual transmission. Subaru has been producing flat four engines for so long it has become a signature of the Subaru brand, especially their 2.5L turbo EJ engine. There’s no doubt the power is enough to get you from point A to point B. But what makes it even better is that the power is sent to all four wheels, all the time. The Legacy is all wheel drive which makes the car perform in all weather. That’s why I love Subarus: you can use your turbo in any weather. Dead of winter? You’ve got power. Hot summer? You’ve got power. If you’re looking for a daily driver and live above the rust/salt belt: look for Subarus.


The interior is nothing special. The Legacy is no doubt nicer than a WRX, and almost any other car Subaru makes, but it still isn’t anything to brag about. A couple features I enjoyed were the heated seats, sunroof, and throttle response screen on the gauges. That last part is really the only unique feature in the Legacy. It’s a screen that shows you your throttle position and response in real time. It feels like a setting in a Forza videogame, and I really really like that.


The Subaru Legacy is a nearly perfect daily driver. It has plenty of power, all-wheel drive, and can comfortably seat four people (five if you squeeze). If you live somewhere where it snows, or the weather isn’t seventy degrees and sunny year round, you should put Subaru on your list of cars to look for.


Written by Zack Pradel