2007 Mercedes CLK550: Reviewed

V8s are always fun, especially when they’re put into a smaller car. But what happens when you put a V8 into a luxury coupe? Well, very very good things happen.

The 2007 Mercedes CLK550 Coupe I drove had a 5.5L V8 under the hood, and a 7 speed automatic transmission. The power really surprised me. I knew it would be quick, but not that quick. The 5.5 doesn’t mess around when you want it to get moving. The seven speed isn’t the best, but for an eleven-year-old auto trans, I can’t complain. If you manually click it down into first or second, the torque will have its way with you up, down, and sideways.

My fault with the CLK550 is the interior. It’s comfortable, spacious, and functional. But the color is all wrong. The CLK550 I drove had the tan interior option, which really didn’t do it for me. Had Mercedes stuck with one tan, I would have liked it, but since they mixed tans, it looks like an afterthought. Like the designers at Mercedes had a bunch of old dashboards they had to use and they couldn’t match the rest of the interior’s color perfectly. Besides the colors, the CLK550 has memory seats, a sun roof, and a decent stereo. So I guess it’s not all bad.


I was really impressed with the CLK550. It has a very comfortable amount of power, and is matched with a comfortable interior. If this car had a black interior, I would have had no complaints at all. Maybe next time Mercedes.

Written by Zack Pradel