2007 Chevy Corvette Z06 – Reviewed

I posted my first car review over three years ago. In the time that has passed since my first video, I’ve had the opportunity to drive some amazing cars. Nissan GT-R, Dodge Hellcat, Acura NSX, and Dodge Viper just to name a few. That being said, no car in my history of reviews has terrified me as much as the 2007 Corvette Z06.


The Z06 has a 7.0L V8 and six speed manual transmission. The 7.0L LS9 engine is nothing to thumb your nose at. The engine revs to 7,000rpm and it does so without the help of a turbocharger or supercharger. Getting behind the wheel I knew I was in for quite the ride, but I didn’t know how mind bending the LS9 would be. I couldn’t floor it. Not that I didn’t want to, or that my foot lacked the coordination to. I couldn’t find the will power to do so. I tried, and as evidence in the video, things got out of hand and squirrely. I stared at the top of the tachometer through my hands: I feared it. I ended up doing a couple pulls, but I might have well been at six flags all day, because my stomach wasn’t having it. Never in my life have I had a car make me sick from pure acceleration.


The interior was nothing special. It was roomier than expected, having space in the back for plenty of items. The Corvette is comfortable and that’s it. That’s the American way. Why do you think you find most lazy boy recliners in back rooms lacking art and overall interior design?


The Corvette Z06 was a beast of a machine. The video review was filmed two months ago, and I still reminisce over how terrifying of a machine the Z06 was. I now understand America’s love affair with Corvettes, and why so many people buy them.

Written by Zack Pradel