2005 Mitsubishi Evo VIII – Reviewed

The Evo VIII, also known as the Evo 8, or 2005 Mitsubishi Evolution, is a car that many people aspire to own or drive. The Evos were born from the rallying world, with strict engine restrictions and all-wheel-drive being a must. The Evo has a massive fan following, and I understand why.


The 2005 Mitsubishi Evolution has a 2.0L turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine and five speed manual transmission. The “small” displacement four cylinder is because of that rally-bred heritage. In the World Rally Competition, you aren’t allowed to race with an engine larger than two liters. This rule forced auto makers who wanted to participate in the competition to come up with better ways of increasing power and efficiency without just switching to a larger engine. This helped push turbocharger technology forward. This particular Evo has a larger turbo than the factory one, which added more lag between boost. Check the video if you want to see my reaction to the biggest boost lag I’ve ever experienced. The power comes on late, making the Evo feel like a commuter car below 5,000 rpm. But when the boost kicks in, hold on tight. Once in boost the Evo pulls like a freight train that’s late for supper. It becomes addictive, like a bowl of sugary candy. You can, so you will.


The interior was boring. Thinking back on it now, there isn’t anything memorable that I can think of that really stuck out to me. The seats were comfortable, and it’s a four door which means room for you and your pals. The only thing that matters is that the seats don’t fold in two when the boost finally hits. In a way I like the plain interior. I like that the Evo VIII keeps it’s blue collar economy roots, but on the other hand if you’re going to pay more you should get more as well.


The Evo III was by far the car that surprised me most in 2018. Just when I thought the car was a dud, boost kicked in and made me as giddy as a school girl. The Evo III is a better tuner car than the Evo X in my opinion, but the Evo X is easier to live with day-to-day. At the end of the day, that choice is yours.


Written by Zack Pradel