2004 Volkswagen R32 – Reviewed

When you hear “R32” in the car world, one of two cars come to mind. Both are all wheel drive, six cylinder, and true enthusiast cars, but only one was offered in the United States: The Volkswagen R32. Based off the Golf, the R32 is what every VW owner wants.


The R32 has a 3.2L six cylinder engine and a 6 speed manual transmission. That 3.2L isn’t a v6 though, nor is it really an inline 6. The R32 has a VR6, which is an engine that takes the power of a six cylinder and makes it shorter. Instead of the pistons being in a straight line, they are slightly off center, making the block shorter and more compact to fit under the hood of the Golf. That, paired with a six speed manual and an all-wheel drive system, makes the R32 a complete blast to drive.


The interior is for some reason, very German. Now I understand Volkswagen is German, but there was just something about the interior that felt extra German. Maybe it was the brushed aluminum look around the radio, or maybe the leather seats. But without a doubt, the R32 is a very German car. The rear seats aren’t great, but they’re there if you need them. Features are sparse, but it doesn’t feel like the car is directly missing anything in particular.


The r32 is a great, fun little car. It’s six cylinder packs a hefty punch and is the apple of most VW fan’s eyes. If you see one pop up, they’re worth taking a look at.


Written by Zack Pradel