1998 Acura NSX – It’s Really THAT Good!

The 1990’s have been idolized because of the cars that came out of that decade. The Supra, Rx-7, and Skyline are some of the key players. But the fourth member of that club is the Acura NSX. The Acura NSX has become the holy grail of Honda, and the dream car of thousands of people around the world.


The 1998 Acura NSX has a 3.2L v6 engine and a six speed manual transmission. The engine is mounted behind the driver, giving the driver a more inclusive experience just like the MR-2 Spyder I recently reviewed. The Mid-engine design makes the car look sleek, as well as offing a unique feel in the corners. While the handling is superb, the main talking point about the engine is it’s use of Vtec. Vtec uses oil pressure to engage larger lobes on the camshaft which then opens valves higher and longer. On most Hondas, you feel a strong kick in power when the Vtec “kicks in”. That is not the case in the NSX. The NSX feels smooth all the way up to the redline. I had to double check with the owner that this car does in fact have Vtec. You might be thinking that not feeling it is worse, but it actually becomes more predictable and usable by the driver.


The interior is nothing special, but no car from the 1990s really blew anyone away. This is especially interesting for the NSX, since it’s such a sought after car, it really isn’t shocking inside. Everything has a use and a purpose, which is a very Honda move. A key feature of this NSX is the Targa top. With a couple clips, the roof is removable which opens up the possibility of an open top experience.


The NSX is truly one of the greats. For the performance and exclusivity, the NSX is an insanely easy car to drive. Within minutes I felt comfortable behind the wheel of something I had only dreamed of driving. If you are wondering about the NSX, wonder no more. It’s really that good.



Written by Zack Pradel