1995 Chevy S10 – Reviewed

Mini trucks were a phase. From the 70’s to about the 90’s you could buy little trucks that packed a decent punch. They couldn’t pull an office building down, but they got better gas mileage and were overall cheaper than the full size trucks. It’s impossible to talk about mini trucks without mentioning the Chevy S10.


The 1995 Chevy S10 I drove had a 4.3L v6 engine and 4 speed automatic transmission. The 4.3L V6 was the largest engine offered in the S10, as a 2.2L inline four cylinder was also offered. The V6 is the engine you want when you have to pull large loads past the limit of the 2.2L. The 2.2L is a fine motor. It gets good MPG while it can still haul things in the bed and small trailers, but the V6 is for the bigger jobs. While the V6 only makes 40-50 horsepower more, it makes almost double the torque that the 2.2L makes, which is why it’s ideal for towing. More torque = more pulling grunt. The transmission is a 4L60e, a very common Chevy transmission. In America, as long as it’s not cloudy, you can stand on top of any building and see a vehicle with a 4l60e transmission.


The interior is quite boring, but why shouldn’t it be? It’s a utility vehicle, not a spaceship. Something noteworthy on the particular S10 I drove were the rear jump seats. It’s almost an insult to regular seats to call these fold-out slabs “seats” since they can really only support the weight of a small child. Behind the driver there are seats that fold out of the wall which are accompanied by seatbelts. Once folded out, two additional people can ride in the S10 at their own risk: they’re extremely uncomfortable. Not only are they smaller than most tablets we use today, you also face whoever is sitting across from you. I hope you like them.


The S10 is great little work horse. For run-around-town jobs like landscaping or delivery, the S10 will fill you needs without skipping a beat. Unless you need to tow your apartment complex across state lines, the S10 is the truck for you.


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Written by Zack Pradel