1992 Nissan Cedric – The Japanese Cadillac

American automakers are pretty good at making large sedans. Lincoln, Chrysler, and of course Cadillac are famous for having large, comfortable four doors. But there’s also an island halfway around the world that used to make pretty great sedans too. That island, is Japan.


The 1992 Nissan Cedric has a 3.0L V6 and 4 speed automatic transmission. The V6 is a naturally aspirated VG30, which is the same motor that came in the lower level 300zx of the same era. The VG is… slow. Very very slow. It’s slow to rev and slow to get up to speed. Even worse, the transmission doesn’t even give the driver the time of day. Put your foot to the floor doing 40mph, and the transmission won’t even downshift. That being said, the slow engine and transmission give the Cedric a smooth ride. There is no sense of urgency with the Cedric, which you can take as you will.


The interior is where the Cedric shines. Most 1990’s cars, japan included, had lack-luster interiors. My biggest complaint of the 1992 Nissan Skyline GTS-T was its boring interior. The Cedric tells a different story. The seats are unmatchable when it comes to comfort, especially the rear seats. Leg room isn’t that impressive, but no one is getting squished. To the right of the steering wheel the Cedric has a built in business card holder, for all the clients you will inevitably pick up.  There are also power folding mirrors which are controlled by a James Bond style hidden switch panel. Other interior features include a cabin air purifier, an analog clock, and a power folding antenna that more so mimics a medieval knight unsheathing his sword than a car antenna.


The Cedric is all class and no muscle. If the Cedric was about to get into a bar fight, it would back out “on principal” and not on the fact that it would get rocked with one punch. If you’re looking for a unique Japanese luxury car, the Cedric is a really cool car to look at. As long as you don’t need to be anywhere in a short amount of time.



Written by Zack Pradel