1992 Dodge Ram 150 – Why We Need Cheap Trucks Again

Trucks have changed a lot over the last twenty years. In the spring, I reviewed a 2018 Ram Rebel, where most of the video was me talking about all the features, gadgets, and gizmos that came in the truck. This was not the case with the 1992 Dodge 150.


The 1992 Dodge Ram 150 has a 5.2L v8 paired to a 3 speed automatic transmission. The 5.2L V8 makes a great noise, but doesn’t deliver the rocket power you might desire out of 8 cylinders. The 3 speed automatic certainly restrains the engine as well. That being said, the truck is engaging. It makes the right noises with no extra fluff. You might not set record hot lap times, but you will have fun trying.


The interior is basic, which is what I was referring to at the top of the review. You get some gauges, pedals, a steering wheel, a shifter, and some seats. That’s it. There was a radio, but it had since been replaced. Other than that, the interior offers no features. And that’s what I like. I miss the days of basic pickup trucks. Trucks with long beds meant to get used-and-abused on the daily basis.


Now contrary to most reviewers, I also appreciate the fully loaded pickup trucks with sunroofs and heated seats. I think that if you have the money to afford high end trucks, all the power to you. But there is also a need for base level trucks that just have one intention: to do work. That’s what the Ram 150 is meant to do. I respect that. So in the argument of “Trucks these days are too expensive” I only half agree. I think the current market just lacks cheap, disposable work horses like the trucks of 20 years ago.




Written by Zack Pradel