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CarMarshal FAQ – Buying, Selling Used Car Questions CarMarshal FAQ – Buying, Selling Used Car Questions


How does CarMarshal take the stress and frustration out of buying your new or used vehicle?


·         You save time, energy & money by finding your vehicle on our site rather than driving from dealership to dealership in vain.

·         You avoid wasting more valuable time and energy haggling over prices at the dealership against well-trained experts in the art of negotiation.

·         You receive offers from multiple dealers for your top two vehicle choices instead of just one.

·         We contact the dealerships on your behalf, searching for the best out of the door price available in your market.

·         We have access to more than 100000 new and used vehicles 2006 and newer.

·         We give you certificates for every dealership that meets your search criteria.


In other words, we price shop for you until we find the best price – in addition to manufacturer and dealership discounts.


How does CarMarshal work?


Whether you live in a rural town or a busy hub like New York City, Boston or the Washington DC metropolitan area (DMV), our easy process helps you find the best new or used car prices:


1.      Visit CarMarshal, enter your zip code and search for the vehicle of your dreams.

2.      Browse the search results (search results are zip code + 200 mile radius) and click “Negotiate” for the vehicle you’re interested in.

3.      Create your account by entering your email address and password.

4.      Select a secondary vehicle you’re interested in, just in case your dream vehicle is not within your area. Sometimes, competing manufacturers will give better discounts to “steal” you away from their competition.

5.      We take the wheel and contact the dealerships on your behalf. Soon you’ll receive offers from dealers regarding the vehicle(s) you selected. Simply login to CarMarshal using your email address and password to review the dealer offers. The dealerships will not have your information until you are satisfied with your price and option. You remain anonymous until you decide to contact the dealer(s) with the best price and vehicle selection.

6.      When you are ready, just print out your certificate(s) and contact the dealer(s) whose offers you liked best to ensure that vehicle is still available.

7.      You pick up the vehicle you want at the price you want.


What is the T.R.Us.T Tool?


The T.R.Us.T. Tool is our proprietary online tool that makes the entire vehicle purchase process as smooth as possible. It’s a clear signal to dealers that you are 100% serious about purchasing a vehicle and ready to receive pricing offers right away. Dealers respond with more favorable offers to CarMarshal customers using the T.R.Us.T. Tool because they know that you value your time and are ready to conduct business.


We’re so confident in its effectiveness that we will even refund your money spent on the T.R.Us.T. Tool if you’re unable to get a better price with it.


Is there a fee for using this service?


We offer two levels of membership to serve your needs:


1.      Our first method is absolutely free. Use the site as is, search for cars and find great deals on cars in your area up to a 200 square mile radius. Review the cars that presents from dealers within your requested area.

2.      Our second method is our T.R.Us.T Tool. For an investment as low as $39.97, it is more aggressive and more likely to get you an even better deal on your vehicle, all with a haggle-free negotiation process. CarMarshal will even refund your money if you’re unable to get a better price using our T.R.Us.T Tool.


How do I sell my car on CarMarshal? Is there a fee?


Listing your car for sale on is a FREE service. Just follow our easy process:


1.      Create an account (this should be a link to the login page).

2.      Post your vehicle information online using our template.

3.      When buyers request vehicles similar to your vehicle we’ll contact you.


How recent is your data?


Our pricing & inventory information is updated daily.


Is CarMarshal endorsed by or sponsored by automobile manufacturers?


CarMarshal is an independent company that is not endorsed or sponsored by any automobile manufacturer.


Does CarMarshal sell or service vehicles?


CarMarshal is strictly a provider of information about vehicles. CarMarshal does not sell any type of vehicle or vehicle component, and does not service vehicles.


How can I provide feedback to CarMarshal?


We welcome your valuable feedback. Please send your feedback to:


 Package Price: Just $39.97

'Package includes Price Negotiation of 1 vehicle from each of 2 vehicle Makes (Manufacturers)'
'For Texas, Package includes access to our Newsletter and Tips to Self-Negotiating. As a Bonus, we'll throw in Price Negotiation of 1 vehicle from each of 2 vehicle Makes (Manufacturers) for free!

T.R.U.S.T. Challenge:

1. Submit to dealers to receive special offers.

2. Then use CarMarshal's automated tool to request an even better offer.