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At CarMarshal we’re determined to be a leader in helping residents of the Washington DC Metro Area quickly navigate their way through the endless options when buying or selling a new or used car.

Purchasing a new or used car is infamously known as one of the most stressful processes one may go through in their lifetime. In this busy area known as “The DMV”, packed with over 6 million people (and what seems like an equal number of dealerships to choose from), the problem of finding the best place to buy that new or used car you desire is only magnified.

Yes, the Internet has blessed consumers with instant access to a wealth of industry information formerly shrouded in mystery, yet the fact remains that many potential buyers cringe at the thought of buying or selling a new or used car. The information itself can be overwhelming for the typical consumer who just wants to find and buy a car they can be happy with–at a fair price of course.

• Where’s the best place to buy a used car in Maryland, DC or Virginia?

• Can I find the car I really want with all the right options?

• What’s the value of my current car?

• Is this dealer offering me the best price or should I keep searching?

These are just a few questions the average consumer will ask themselves.

Let’s say you work in the heart of the nation’s capital which is currently in the midst of a tremendous revitalization with high-end real estate springing up all over the city. High-end means extremely high cost, so you live in the surrounding suburbs such as Arlington, Fairfax, Montgomery or Prince George’s county where living is a little more affordable.

The Metrorail has a far reach, but may not always be convenient, especially if you have a family. You need a reliable car so you can commute back and forth on your own terms. You don’t however, need the typical stress involved in making that happen.

Here at CarMarshal we understand your anxiety and created an alternative to the traditional car buying process. We’ve made it our business to cut through the chaos of searching for the perfect car and haggling over prices with multiple dealerships.

Our streamlined process ensures that you:

• Save time, energy & money by finding your vehicle on our site rather than driving to multiple dealerships throughout the DMV.

• Avoid stepping foot inside a showroom to haggle over prices against trained professionals.

• Receive offers from multiple dealers for your top two vehicle choices instead of just one.

Additionally, we:

• Contact the dealerships on your behalf, searching for the best out of the door price available in the entire DMV market.

• Have access to over 100,000 new and used vehicles from model year 2006 and newer.

• Give you certificates for every dealership that meets your search criteria.


CarMarshal is here to save you time & frustration so you can drive away in the car of your dreams at a price you can brag about.

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