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Do you want to sell your car without the usual hassle that’s associated with it? Or are you looking for a new car (used or brand new) and want to land the best deal? Whether you are a buyer or a seller, and are ready to purchase a car or sell a used car, haggle free car dealing is important to you and we know that here at CarMarshal.com. We offer two levels of membership: the first is absolutely free. Use the site as is, search for cars and find great deals on cars in your area up to a 200 square mile radius. Review the cars that CarMarshal.com presents from dealers within your requested area, contact dealers, and then make your offer.

We also present a second method that is more aggressive and more likely to get you an even better deal on your car, all with haggle free car dealing. When you purchase our T.R.Us.T. tools, it’s a signal to car dealerships that you are ready to make an offer. They respond more favorably to people with the T.R.Us.T. tools because they know that you mean business. CarMarshal.com will even refund your money spent on the T.R.Us.T. tools if you’re unable to get a better price with them.

What is T.R.Us.T.? It’s an acronym for our mission statement and our goal as an automotive buying and selling website. It stands for Transparent fees - because nobody likes to be blindsided with hidden fees; Reduced effort - because we all have other obligations; User-friendly online experience - no more driving from car dealer to car dealer; and Trustworthy quotes - because nobody wants to be taken for a ride, unless it’s in their new car!

T.R.U.S.T. Challenge:

1. Submit to dealers to receive special offers.

2. Then use CarMarshal's automated tool to request an even better offer.