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About Us

What we believe

Building and protecting T.R.Us.T. is paramount. 

CarMarshal believes there’s an alternative to the typically stressful experience of car shopping, and we’ve pioneered an approach that provides it.  We don’t sell you on a magic solution. We don’t promote using secret tricks. The CarMarshal way is instead built on our vision of T.R.Us.T.:

Our Vision

To be the destination site for making confident car deals you can T.R.Us.T.

Our Mission

By promoting T.R.Us.T. we will create a “win win” for both car buyers and auto dealers alike in the automotive buying and selling process.

* T.R.Us.T. is:
• Transparent fees
• Reduced effort
• User-friendly online experience
• Trustworthy quotes.

T.R.Us.T. Challenge

Compare our T.R.Us.T. tool to your preferred method of price reduction. If CarMarshal does not provide a better value, we will refund your purchase of the T.R.Us.T. tools!



T.R.U.S.T. Challenge:

1. Submit to dealers to receive special offers.

2. Then use CarMarshal's automated tool to request an even better offer.